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Server Rules

Regulations for all users on the TS:

  • 1 Insults and provocations are not tolerated.
  • 2 Racist / discriminatory or even pornographic statements and also pictures are forbidden. This also applies to nicknames.
  • 3 Obscene noises or the noise of the headset are to be omitted! If you have problems with the hardware or software, you can contact a team member.
  • 4 Pornographic or racist statements are not permitted! This also applies to nicknames.
  • 5 The begging for Server Rights is not welcome here. We are looking for our team!
  • 6 Misunderstandings and disputes are to be settled privately. If the situation escalates nevertheless, please withdraw into a private channel.

~> ATTENTION!: These rules are overridden in private channels, where each channel Owner is responsible for their channel users, and can create their own rules that are binding, but do not violate the above server rules.

Detention exclusion:

  • 1 The participating users assume the responsibility for contents of pictures, links or texts.
  • 2 The rules can be extended or changed at any time. The user has the obligation to inform himself about changes. ~> It applies: Ignorance does not protect one from punishment.
  • 3 The users are responsible for the transfer of account data.
  • 4 Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords, etc. may not be exchanged publicly.

Rights of Users:

  • 1 Musicbots are only tolerated, if they are marked as "BOT". They can be marked by team members.
  • 2 And if the BOT'S do not disturb anyone!
  • 3 Every user on the TS has rights to Verify themselves on the TeamSpeak
  • 4 You have the right, if you have birthday that you can get an icon (just ask one of our admins)

Owner & Moderator & Support(Trail):


  • 3rKaN_BRATTE | Ermin


  • Miitschgo
  • Marvin
  • RushxEvo^^/|Elias



Trail Support:


  • 1 The team members have full rights to the server. Anyone who does not follow the instructions of the server admins will be warned and kicked in an emergency. If this is accumulated, a ban is to be expected.
  • 2 The team members can join unannounced a protected channel or move individual users to control a conversation.
  • 3 Moving users to already full Limited Public Talkrooms is prohibited unless all persons in the channel agree.
  • 4 Administrators can override rules & regulations at any time.
  • 5 The team members always have to intervene in conflicts as well as the obligation to treat each conflict party neutrally.

Sincerely, the server management/3rKaN_BRATTE | Ermin If you have any questions, problems or ambiguities, please contact an administrator.

Possible Ip's / DNSTS


[email protected]