Fire in our Datacenter

Last week we were facing a major incident in our DataCenter of Strasbourg with a fire declared in the building SBG2. Firefighters were immediately on the scene but could not control the fire in SBG2. The whole Datacenter has been destroyed, which impacts all our services. We executed our disaster recovery plan immediately. And our TeamSpeak server was operational again after 4 hours. Not all services are currently working properly.

Current status of our services:

Teamspeak Server
Master BOT (AFK-Mover, Welcome Message and etc...)

Datacenter Fire Image #1 Datacenter Fire Image #2 Datacenter Fire Video #1

What should we change or improve?

Dear community, we'd like to hear from you about what we should change/improve on our TeamSpeak Server. If you could give us feedback over this survey, we would be very happy.

Network Issues

Over the past week, our DDoS protection has filtered out many users as a potential threat. With this filtering, the server times out the user for a certain amount of time and a connection to the server could not be established. We should have fixed this problem now.

If you still have a problem, please report it in our forum!

Welcome to our new Website!

Hello everyone! We have completed our transfer to the new server and added some new things and fixed some bugs. We have had a lot of problems with DDoS attacks, lags, timeouts and so on. But I hope we have fixed all problems.

If you still have a problem, please report it in our forum!

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